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  2. Nice one mate! Congratz
  3. Last week
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  5. qmp Agan

    First mobile PK

    Very Nice! Gz bro
  6. nice mobile is hard to pk so gg
  7. fairplay man bank was made
  8. wouldnt mind that as a pet tbh
  9. lol bet he was gutted gj
  10. 2fingergod

    Loots so far

  11. 2fingergod

    2.2m PK

    niceee man
  12. great fun these been to a few myself good practice
  13. revision for my tank test lol, really helpful guide this thankyou =]
  14. Tbh I only play Call of Duty's (when they are good), Fortnite (not so much anymore), NBA 2k, and Madden.
  15. 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY | HYDRA P2P SUNDAY April 25th 2021 We were able to organize and setup multiple fights this weekend out. With wars from Chaos Temple to East Ruins, the action was heavy this Sunday with team-on-crash fights and clusters happening throughout non-stop. After the event we had a huge drop party for our clan to celebrate Hydra's 3rd Birthday. Ty4action all! A big thank you to everyone in the clan who came out to support on the day!
  16. Everyone, please be prepared for a big war tomorrow! We have big events planned! Come join us for the fun before, during, and aftter! Its a PARTY, its a PARTY, its a PARTY AYE!
  17. Ill start with some of my recent favorites. Red dead redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War (last one on ps4), Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 4.
  18. runescape obviously, WoW, a game on ps2 called Urban Chaos, Socom, medal of honor, the original call of duty on pc up until mw3 or black ops, gta 3 - san andreas, red dead redemption 1, GUN, mercenaries, adventurequest and many others lol
  19. harrypainus


    i have a recipe for "hot dog and bean casserole" lol if anyones interested, basically just hotdogs sauted with onions and spices mixed with baked beans
  20. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | A SUNDAY MASSACRE Date: April 18th 2021 We were able to organize and attempted to setup fights vs Terror, Apex, Supremacy & Bp this weekend out. With planned Team on crashes. This weekend was definitely action filled to the max. Had a crazy start with huge clusters breaking out. The fights kept going with nonstop action happening everywhere from Deep wild to low wild and each cluster would last for over 20 minutes back and forth it was definitely way hella different and crazy compared previous wars. Thanks for the fire as fuck Sunday, ty4action ggwp. See you next Sunday!
  21. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR DAY Date: April 11th 2021 We were able to organize fights vs Terror, Apex & Venom this weekend out. Most fights this weekend were held in deep wild and with all fights planned for a team on crash. Everything ended up becoming a crazy cluster war with all clans fighting in one place resulting in on the non-stop action this Sunday. Fights were wild this weekend ggwp, ty4action all! Make sure to be on next Sunday! Video Pov:
  22. qmp Agan


    Yeah that is my issue when I play. Seems like every lobby is just absolutely absurd.
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