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  1. Thanks Tyler. I have absolutely no regrets about the 65 attack so far. It has more than pulled its weight out in the wildy.
  2. Thanks Chanced! I am really liking it so far. Whacking 34's. I intend to stay 65 until 90+ str, then I will go 75.
  3. I'm sure I could get rid of them real quick for you. Shouldn't be a problem..
  4. Alright, so I have my ancients now and have obviously been Barrage/DCB/DDS pking. But I am grinding slayer levels while I level my strength for the leaf bladed battleaxe. Does anyone here have much experience using it as a whack weapon? Is it a good route to go until I get 75 attack for AGS? I am thinking it will give me the chance to use all 3 combat styles while still being able to put out some good damage in case my dds or claw specs crap the bed. I am not intending to drop the dds or claws to use it, but to instead bring it as a secondary melee weapon. Any thoughts or input would be great!
  5. I dont know anything about any other clients, I have only used runelite. So I'm gonna go with the flow and +1 Runelite.
  6. Who are you.... Can you even barrage?
  7. HY Convicted


    Well, I have decided that once I finish getting 85 strength, I am doing ancients. I'm coming for Hydra Membership!
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