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  1. Progress update, got bored of combat started training prayer for a little bit.
  2. Didnt get much progress this week because i was busy working but this weekend i will be working on it again.
  3. Not botting lol, its super cancerous the afk is crazy. i have approx 745 more hours of training to all 99 combat stats
  4. Progress update, slow to get lvl 82 today but it was worth it. Completed quest to unlock cannon, Ammonites and DFS.
  5. Progress update, 5k to 81 Attack, I'm going to be doing quests to move over to ammonite crabs and will probably nmz once i hit all 85's
  6. Weed Mangler


    When moose assures me that he has muted me again!
  7. Fell short of my goal for today, i wanted 80. Wife wants to go to dinner and movie so i'll be getting that badboy tomorrow.
  8. Here i will be posting my road to 1750 total level. Goal - Base 80 stats Goal Lineup 1. Cooking - Complete 1/26/19 2. Fletching - Complete 1/26/19 3. Crafting - Complete 1/29/19 4. fishing - Complete 2/3/19 5. Hunter - 64 6. Thieving - 60 7. Runecrafting - 64 8. Mining - 72 9. Slayer - 68
  9. Here i will be posting my mains progress. I am building a main in an unconventional way to see how long it takes to get all 99 combat stats. so far 15 days and almost base 80's.
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