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  1. That's a pretty good money maker for sure, thanks for sharing with us
  2. Nice vid, glad to see Hydra and Resistance being good sports about everything
  3. JaySlay


    When SirPugger initially found out about the emblem farmers and figured out how to kill them and lure them, I copied exactly what he did and made about 50-60m on a brand new account made just for that lol
  4. Would you recommend using fury over torture for the def bonus?
  5. Hey guys! since phase 3 of the MCU has concluded with Avengers: End Game, what do you see as a main villain that's most likely next for a big build up? I personally would like to see either Galactus or Dormamu take on the new wave of Avengers next!
  6. Proud member of my favorite clan, also has a profile picture that contains cannabis. 10/10 would bang.
  7. Find me in Edge and I'll make you swallow, Cuz my Switches are harder to follow, than a clue step given by Falo
  8. JaySlay

    Not Surprised...

    This is how I feel as an adult lmao
  9. I really enjoyed the Halo series, Runescape of course, practically anything on the N64, the Mortal Kombat Series, the Street Fighter series, Madden, spent thousands of hours playing Goldeneye on the N64 with friends and my brothers as kids.
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