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Exilent 😉


Yea it doesnt have the hide defence attack option just yet maybe they will implement it in future but ive never had to switch attack type ever I have it set on str and i only click on that page for a spec :/

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Doesn’t it block the clicks though? I’m almost certain there’s a feature where you can’t physically click the defense “buttonâ€. It doesn’t remove it from the tab like rune lite

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i personally don't vouch for any  clients at all other than the jagex oldschool client. Runelite is my second option but it's a 3rd party so there's always small % of a risk if their database gets hacked. However having 2FA protection i've been okay with runelite



Honestly the safest way if you want to use a 3rd party  client like that is to use it on a separate computer and only for that pk account and never store more than like 20m on the account.

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