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Zered 2019 Goals

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Zered Pure Goals

1/1/19 Status 


Current Stats/Goals as of 1/1/19:


76/85 Strength

90/95 Ranged

94/95 Magic - 95 magic achieved mid January 2019

45/52 Prayer - 52 prayer 2/8/19

1/50 Runecrafting

66/90 Construction (banked)

67/75 Agility - 75 agility 2/1/2019, new goal of 90 

53/60 Thieving

50/70 Slayer

1/50 Hunter

40/60 Mining

50/80 Smithing (banked)

91/99 Fishing - 99 fishing achieved 2/2/2019

60/80 Firemaking (banked)

40/80 Woodcutting

40/60 Farming

1327/1750 Total Level


Officially join Hydra - this will happen once real life settles down after i finish my last cpa exam



Zerker Goals:

1/1/19 Status


Current Stats/Goals as of 1/1/19:


60/75 Attack (Maybe, still contemplating this)

80/85 Strength

42/45 Defence

91/99 Ranged

94/99 Magic

52/55 Prayer

50/70 smithing
60/68 mining - achieved mid January 2019
56/60 agility 
55/60 thieiving
31/50 construction
42/69 slayer
Dslayer 2
Barrows Gloves - achieved mid january 2019

80/200 Quest Points

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Fire making banked? Just do wintertoad

meh it's only a few mill and its a tad faster than winter, also i've never done winter - but i'll definitely look into it before taking the plunge into burning all those logs

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