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disclaimer (most of this guide was taken from somewhere else)

Regardless of what attack level you want, all quests get you below 50, so you can do all of them.
I'd suggest starting out as 50 attack, then go to 60 if you're bored, then maybe 75 if you can afford godswords/bored again.
This provides more longterm fun and variety for your account.

Attack Quests for a pure:
Vampire Slayer (for nmz)
Fight Arena (for nmz)
Tree Gnome Village (for nmz + monkey madness)
Grand Tree (for nmz + monkey madness)
Waterfall Quest (for quick levels at start)
Death Plateu (Climbing Boots)
Lost City (for nmz + dds)

Prayer Quests for a pure:
For Ava's and DT: Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, then Animal Magnetism.
For Anchor (60 attack) (start questing at 50 prayer): The Great Brain Robbery (and sub-quests) give prayer exp.
Mountain Daughter: for bearhead (iron helmet equivalent def bonus) + for nmz if you want a better alternative to grand tree boss.

Other important quests:
Recipe for disaster up to Mithril Gloves (Dwarf + Wartface & Bentnoze + Pirate Pete + Evil Dave + Skrach) plus all req quests
~ It isn't necessary to do mith gloves straight away, combat bracelets are only 20K now and actually provide slightly better
accuracy bonus than mithril gloves, but for the cost difference for pk'ing when profit margins can be low as it is, it's worth
investing the time into getting mithril gloves.

Biohazard + Plague City: Teleports to Ardougne

Monkey Madness: Started but not completed, otherwise you can't go back to the island to chin without gaining def exp! (you need to complete to wield d scimmy)  (DO NOT TALK TO THE XP REWARDS GUY AT THE END HE WILL GIVE YOU DEFENCE XP)
Chin first, then finish quest so you can use d scim/you're sure you don't need to go back.

Regicide + Requirements: Ability to slave zulrah (requires high range/magic and good gear), crystal bow. Again, not necessary
I've done regicide on my pure and I haven't even bothered getting myself a crystal bow yet, also needed for dragon halberd if 60 att

Desert Treasure: Unlocks ancient magicks

Horror From The Deep:
Prayer Books are a must, especially if training with prayer due to +5 prayer bonus. I suggest filling zamorak book if you can afford it.

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