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Bulwark Nerf & How it Effects Us

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On September 5th Jagex decided to release a few updates that included the reworking of a few PVP items. We may all be familiar with the Gmaul update, as now you need the clamp, 1,250,000 BH points, to have the 50% special attack option. But, for us, mainly on our Rev trips, the Bulwark shield has been reworked as well. In the past its been a burden to see a main in full black d'hide bust out the bulwark, slowly unmotivating us to chase our prey. With this most recent rework, Jagex has decided to lower the Magic defense from 18 to 0. Which will be incredibly helpful in these PVP situations. So as always, pull out your mage when possible and go to work :) hopefully this helps us out in the long run.


P.S. Don't forget single spells ;) 



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