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Telley Out

Any of you have 1500+ total on your pure and want to make some bank?

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A friend of mine and I both have 1500 total. There"s absolute bank to be made in the rev caves in the 1500 total worlds, al though sometimes the two of us get overwhelmed by the Protectors of  in those worlds. Really not a lot of them can attack us at our low combat level, so one or two more people should help out a lot. Anyone wanna help us out and make some bank? 

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Hey, we need to make a 1500 total channel in disc, I think there would be people up for it. + im 1500+  total, so I would pk with you guys some time. 

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We need a 1500 skill total channel/discussion not just the talk channel, one where we all (Anyone in channel) has ping privileges to @here and let people know when 1500 or 1750 skillers are massing.

Is that something that could be set up? Being individual privileges on a disc chat that is.

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