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    px tyler


    A lot of the k0's these days rely on g mauls you're gonna see a lot of nhers who double maul spec into a elder maul finish or an ags/maul spec combo! Also there are some entangle/tb fire surge bridders that have started too! be weary of fire surge/gmaul specs!
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    Def Pures

    1. Nature Spirit : 1-13 defence 2. Freminik Trials 13-20 3. In search of myreque, in aid of myreque, a souls bane 20-25 3
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    Chanced Once

    Def Pures

    Eyy man! I have to say that i love 25 def on my pure. Im 70 pray 75 att on it at 95cb (hp not maxed yet). It is funny to bully 1 deffers and ur still able to pk even tho sometimes fighting mains is annoying. u can go first 13 def with naturespirit quest and stay there if u like it or even get 20 or 25 later. Just remember to quest it
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