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    D Sweet


    Me and my buddy used to skulltrick at green drags all the time. We would change our names to be similar and resemble a vene, go in gear that looked expensive, he would tb them, brew himself down and make it seem like he was getting owned by them, then say "i sneaking leaving yu know" (great vene attempt at english) and then we would snare them, step under, log out and as he logged i would log in the same spot, move from under the person and almost always they would click on me. Then i would just freeze them, wait for their pray to run out incase they realized they had skulled. Our best skull trick was an abbysal dagger, dfs, torture, and zerk ring. The kid was extremely toxic and when he dropped he said "good job no loot idiot" not realizing he had skulled... X-D
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