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    Now before i posted this, i made sure to test it myself on multiple accounts, i have yet to be noticed or banned. but it should be noted and stated that this is DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. hydra and myself are not accountable for actions that can come from this. Now to the guide:: At 55 magic as the starting requirement, i downloaded a RANDOM INTERVAL autoclicker. the one i used is linked down below. The difference between regular auto clickers, and random intervals is quite simple. A standard autoclicker will click where your mouse is, every x seconds. a random interval auto clicker, will click randomly between a set of two set intervals. The setup i used is below, i have mine set to click randomly between every 1400-2600 miliseconds. The things you high alch will increase or decrease your profit. i know off the top of my head that rune 2hs, green dragonhide bodies, addy platebodies, and magic longbows all make profit. i personally did magic longbows and made almost 4m from 55-85 magic. The last piece of advice i can give for this is to not do this in a area where you risk being noticed and reported. i did mine in my POH and have not had any problems. The game will log you out after 6 hours, so set a timer or log out and log in before you fall asleep. Thank you and good luck LINKS: https://www.murgee.com/random-mouse-clicker/ https://runelite.net https://alchmate.com
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    HY Convicted


    Who are you.... Can you even barrage?
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    PvP DPS Tables

    The gear for the attacker is the same for 60 attack/75 attack in the images below. If an offhand is available for a weapon, the unholy book was used. For all attackers/defenders: Aggressive attack styles | ultimate strength | fresh super combat potion | hits are off prayer | piety is on for 70/99 def builds ** DDS rolls damage twice so it loses out from a probability standpoint (abyssal dagger calculates both hits on the same damage roll) *** D claws: KOPI - knockout probability index = [(1/(99-max hit))*1000]*chance to hit _______________________________Gear Setups_____________________________ 60 Attack/1 Def/52 pray/All other 99 75 Attack/25 Def/52 pray/All other 99 (snakeskin was closest thing to frog leather) 75 attack/45 def/52 pray/all other 99 75 attack/70 def/77 pray/all other 99 All 99s
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    PvP DPS Tables

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    PvP DPS Tables

    For all attackers/defenders: Rapid attack style | eagle eye | fresh super combat potion | fresh ranging potion | hits are off prayer | piety is on for 70/99 def builds Ava's device is used instead of the mage cape
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    Hydra web page banner

    Forums look great!
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    Hydra web page banner

    Yeah. It was made by a dude who tried to fuck us over. Remember, he was being a total ass and super conceited. He wouldn't take off the text we didn't want so but fucked himself over by posting the banner again with different text. I crossed the clips and now we have our banner
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    PURE QUEST GUIDE (public)

    Great guide, here are a few similar references i use when building pures https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LudVQlJmaP4MlxfNIA68ZT1Xr9oGCoE5pG-U82zjA3g/edit#gid=0 https://www.osrsadvice.com/t1052-1-defence-pure-p2p-guide-everything-you-need-to-know https://docs.google.com/document/d/1erY9HyJTFZy0OuS91JOOTElatOwjIjCsPip-xXvMm8U/edit
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