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  1. Electrik

    Vote for the following titles >:D

    Since I should vote too... Funniest rank - One Pure Chillest rank - Tyler Member most likely to die on a pk trip - Newest Mangler Member most likely to get smited - Whis Member with the best rng - Oxx The most knowledgeable pker - Zack Member with the best voice - Oxx or One Pure Best fashionscaper - me ;p
  2. For each of the following name a Hydra member (including ranks) you feel best fits the following titles: Funniest rank Chillest rank Member most likely to die on a pk trip Member most likely to get smited Member with the best rng The most knowledgeable pker Member with the best voice Best fashionscaper
  3. Electrik

    Midweek Pk Trips

    MIDWEEK OFFICIAL PK TRIPS I expect all members who are available to make as many trips as possible. STANDARD OFFICIAL TRIP TIMES TUESDAY 7:00pm EST/12:00am GMT FRIDAY 7:00pm EST/12:00am GMT SUNDAY - SUNDAY WAR 2pm EST/7pm GMT (EVERY SECOND SUNDAY) - Details on Discords CONVERT YOUR TIMEZONE:
  4. Good luck, good luck!
  5. Electrik


    Welcome to Hydra! While this clan is new, we have high ambitions for our clan's future. Founded from the ashes of Px, we strive to create a community-driven clan that will not be marred by discrimination, trolling, or drama. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of your past. We won't make rash decisions if your purportedly involved in any supposed situation without proof. However, we also will not allow anyone to continually push the cc's limits. There will never be a person who is perpetually on their "last warning". We have a two warning rule, no exceptions. If you're looking for a friendly cc, that loves to pk, and never backs down from a fight, we invite you to intro with us and hope to see you submit an application! This site will continue to be updated so expect some improvements in the future CC: "cc hydra" Discord: