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  3. so would i bro tbh.
  4. gl on the grind bro its well worth it!¬
  5. NoTP


    I need 162 lvls right now. I plan on training agility, herblore, thieving, hunter, mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, fm, wc, farming. So I need to train about 15 levels in each of those skills to get there. It's a slow process. I'm not trying to burn out just yet. I hate skilling lol.
  6. What levels do you need to hit to get the 1750? Is it all 80's?
  7. I'm looking to train my total levels to 1750. I'm working towards getting the wildy elite diary done so hoping to kill two birds with one stone.
  8. Tbh been dong it just to practice. It is easy money and a chance to practice switches!
  9. This is a good idea! "Wyverncc" is a chat you can sell all your unstackables at wyverns so you can camp for as long as you'd like. The runners pay 50% for any items and sell range pots.
  10. Wow, that splitting thing was unknown to me too
  11. i used to farm green drag bots on a low level pure it was easy money
  12. wish i knew about the smithing one sooner haha
  13. have any of you tried Open OSRS?
  14. we gotta do this sometime!
  15. damn! what do you use to anti pk?
  16. bl00dsav3r3

    Loots so far

    mad money!
  17. Its so much fun practicing nhing at clan wars!
  18. This method is so good, especially when we anti-pk holding down a world (i bring a salve as my plus 1)
  19. Theres a lot of different CC's in OSRS that are awesome if you need anything 1. Spot Drops- A community drop party CC- They call drop parties and also host them. They also do rolls on their Discord for prizes. 2. W308 Anvil- CC for alchers to buy bulk alchables from smithers. 3. Deliveritems- You can ask someone to bring you items anywhere around Runescape. Feel free to add other communities you think are useful
  20. i haven't been to revs in so long i was forgetting what it looked like lol
  21. i think thats a usual for us on war days lol
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