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  1. Yesterday
  2. In addition to this it would be nice to have a Clan Hub implemented something like a POH but as a Clan's guild type of area. It could be just a members house that designated as it and clan members can enter and use all the features regardless of if the player is online or home. In addition to that adding a teleport option directly to said Hub via either right clicking a house tab or teleport and or added to the Glory Amulet.
  3. I'm slowly grinding my skill total up I'll make sure to hit you up once I hit 1500!
  4. Don't mind my mini spam from under 1 hour of a trip with the boys
  5. HY Arcane

    Pure Pk

    Awwww If only I was a Archer's But feels good to get a smite none the less! GJ!
  6. Last week
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  8. I checked the all info at the forum to be accpeted member and i will do these things in time in few days. But first thing i was thinking of this site is that theres no shoutbox, to talk in realtime. That would be one of the best communication tool as in rs the clan chat, with forum topics. Site moderators, if there's possible to get some kind of shoutbox to this site that would be great thing lol with much emojis. cheers, atom x (joined clan chat today)
  9. cpt_kozmoll

    My 10th post

  10. cpt_kozmoll

    My 10th post

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t even rn sis https://imgur.com/gallery/DF3pVLf
  11. cpt_kozmoll

    Pure Pk

    Got a kill at work :D sorry for the quality https://share.icloud.com/photos/0IbdaFz_WvFs0mPehTXojeTog
  12. Earlier
  13. cpt_kozmoll

    First mobile PK

    We out here https://imgur.com/a/r1lNDx9
  14. ye https://imgur.com/a/1JSo08n
  15. Getting wildy diary hard done, after 80 str
  16. Hello, this is 1/10 posts and I am going to share screenshots when I first started to pk for the first time in mems
  17. get maxed close so far 1 month left then agility and 99 fishing
  18. We need a 1500 skill total channel/discussion not just the talk channel, one where we all (Anyone in channel) has ping privileges to @here and let people know when 1500 or 1750 skillers are massing. Is that something that could be set up? Being individual privileges on a disc chat that is.
  19. Hello, just thought I'd throw it out there I work 3rds and my pure is over 1750 total, work thirds and/or have skill total you want to pk? Hit me up. I usually PK early around 8am-11am with some friends. Add me in game or better yet on discord IamAnonOmus#5440 as I usually have private set to off. Heck we get enough we can run moi_world out of the 1500s and kill all their paid protection skulled pvmers. Make it/them our world(s).

    1. tryptaminess


      Happy Holidays Tyler!! :D:D

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