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  4. Infected by the mysterious poison, sipping down some anti-poison to cure...
  5. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to yyour website? My website is in the esact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a llot of the informaion you present here. Please let me know if tgis ok with you. Thanks! website election betting 2020
  6. a month late but here was my pure fire cape pic
  7. Description has timestamps! awesome for sped up war videos.
  8. Description has timestamps! awesome for sped up war videos.
  9. XI is really good, I find it helps me with getting pumped. Specifically, Halcyon - XI
  10. Ditterbitter coming down with the corona virus, because he was...
  11. Fire Emblem games, the recent Three Houses was amazing.
  12. How do you think Jagex should go about reviving PvP? What are your ideas? A personal idea of mine is lowering the barrier of entry, I think the levels of Ice Barrage and Teleblock could be reduced, especially because they take awhile to get. LMS was a good way of getting people interested in PvP I think. What are your ideas on getting people interested?
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  14. DBZ games, GTA San Andreas, Rs Classic (i was young asf)
  15. https://cbdoilusd.com/ hemp cbd oil cbd oil dosage
  16. SOON SOON!! just need to get the Member rank
  17. Great guide, helped me alot in caves
  18. Nothing more- go to war Drowning pool- bodies Disturbed- down with the sickness Linkin park- bleed it out Crank dat dds (search youtube first vid) Eminem- godzilla Nelly- here comes the boom Lil wayne ft gucci mane- we be steady mobbin Three days grace- riot
  19. D Sweet

    Not Surprised...

    Nah cmon we all had games before runescape took over didnt we? I made a post to bring back some childhood nostalgia of what games were our favorites as a kid.
  20. Just curious what games were your favorite as a kid. Some of mine included twisted metal, metal gear solid, super smash brothers, mario cart 64.
  21. D Sweet


    Me and my buddy used to skulltrick at green drags all the time. We would change our names to be similar and resemble a vene, go in gear that looked expensive, he would tb them, brew himself down and make it seem like he was getting owned by them, then say "i sneaking leaving yu know" (great vene attempt at english) and then we would snare them, step under, log out and as he logged i would log in the same spot, move from under the person and almost always they would click on me. Then i would just freeze them, wait for their pray to run out incase they realized they had skulled. Our best skull trick was an abbysal dagger, dfs, torture, and zerk ring. The kid was extremely toxic and when he dropped he said "good job no loot idiot" not realizing he had skulled... X-D
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