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  2. Gzzz man, I want this too! Got a piccie?
  3. Yesterday
  4. I can’t barrage yet but I also have a lot of lovely hit points
  5. Really really useful! Thanks for the info
  6. I dont know anything about any other clients, I have only used runelite. So I'm gonna go with the flow and +1 Runelite.
  7. Who are you.... Can you even barrage?
  8. Last week
  9. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | ft. Action Packed Clusters Date: January 17th 2021 We started the Sunday, setting out with 35 opts. We attempted to set up clean 1v1 fights with Venom however getting crashed by other clans & mains we ended up having an action packed cluster war for most of the P2P Sunday around the wilderness, GF All! Video POV:
  10. Changed

    apex legends?

    favorite champ? rank? console or pc? thoughts on game?
  11. i did 1 - 55 magic teleporting then 55 - 99 magic auto clicking every day i would basically just high alch while at work or sleeping and then let it rest while i'm at home and played something else no problems at all and got 99 magic in less than 10 days
  12. ahhahaha l00l 5/5 topic xD. Yeah i have reached the conclusion also that brozzer tyler aint no human! @px tyler
  13. So hear me out... talked to him last night, to set up discord and all that. The poor guy was trying desperately to go to bed, and kept answering my stupid questions, and even coming up with things I never thought to ask. He was very nice, when most would have hung up. Only 2 things can be concluded from this information; 1- Tyler is an alien (most likely theory) 2- Tyler is a serial killer trying to lure us all to our death. I propose a simple solution, we kill him. Barring a death ray (you know, alien) or a vast killing skill above our comprehension (seriously good serial killer) , in numbers we can do it. Tyler must be stopped
  14. I do the zammy halo with fire making cape, warm clothing look if I’m just skilling or bank chillin
  15. Trying to avoid it on this account, but all my other build I get a bit nervous and just mouse record for an hour or so then play it on loop. 3 99 magics later no bans lol.
  16. HardlyPotter

    Def Pures

    I love my new 13 def. 20 def is the same thing with better fasionscape. Salad robes ftl
  17. HardlyPotter

    GFX Editor ?

    Glad I found this, was wondering the same thing. Is the guy still around chanced?
  18. HardlyPotter


    Anyone else play? Going to get a server going soon if anyone is interested..
  19. Finally stopped putting it off. Suck it peasants
  20. Hydra vs Swarm ~ P2P Minis | 2-1 Sets Video:
  21. Twiztid5ills

    13 Def

    When deciding to hit 13 def is always say do nature spirit for the accessibility towards the fairy ring quests for the rings making slayer 10x easier let alone all the other possibilities that are unlocked via them also. Diversifies the game a lot more imo having the middle of the road def but always rec thinking long and hard before doing the jump cause you can’t go back afterwards
  22. Did you even get 85 str yet sir
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