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  4. Z initiate Z

    hi everyone!

    i just wanted to tell everyone hello and wish everyone a good week! <3
  5. Team n9ne

    HYDRA wins PKRI vs UD 1-0

  6. px tyler

    Back to the grind

  7. px tyler

    G Maul Nerf

    I think I won't get ragged out anymore by gmaul rushers at revs I think bh pkers will be ok. I've seen 1v1'ers do well without the g maul
  8. px tyler

    HYDRA wins PKRI vs UD 1-0

    HYDRA WINS PKRI VS UD 15v15 We massed up 15 shooters vs UD with us taking the win by 10 kills ahead. +1 fight in clanwars GF to them both sides fought really well Aug 29, 2019
  9. Zered

    Little Bank Progress

    damn fat stacks. nice
  10. Zered

    G Maul Nerf

    I'm glad it got nerfed, it forces people to +1 it or risk more and most pures have virtually no risk. I don't think it'll make much difference to higher level pures that have prayer, i think the bracket that will see the biggest changes are the ~50-60s with 1/13 prayer, they'll have to either go 60 attack or 31 prayer unless they want to risk 400k+ every fight.
  11. Zered


  12. Zered


    Elder smite off of a near max pure a lil while back
  13. Zered

    PURE QUEST GUIDE (public)

    Great guide, here are a few similar references i use when building pures
  14. Zered

    KBD PET KC 176

    nice, grats
  15. Zered

    Whats wrong with Runescape?

    Agree 100%, glad they forced through the entangle buff and gmaul nerf though
  16. MyReload

    Ancient Mace Team Guide

    great post bro. I'm gunna do the quests on my pure
  17. 1.15m str xp in 3 days. Grinding hard :D 

  18. Depixelate

    HYDRA vs OS 4-0 mini

    Dang you guys killed it. Not a chance for that other clan.
  19. Depixelate

    HYDRA vs OS 2-0/1-0 mini

    Sick Fights, can't wait to start waring
  20. Depixelate

    Whats wrong with Runescape?

    Way too many people against PVP updates. PVP community is getting cucked by so many people who don't even like PVP and just want to be safer in the wilderness.
  21. Depixelate

    Account Builds

    Sweet Guide, gives a nice idea of what people can do with their accounts. Too many people think you need max stats for a pure to own.
  22. Depixelate

    Exilent or Runelite

    Don't Swap, Runelite is at the top of its game rn.
  23. Depixelate

    Revenant Setup(s)

    Nice Guide! anyone new i'm sure can make use of this and make bank
  24. Pecs

    Ancient Mace Team Guide

    Someone will likely say "we could just have a tber, a spear, freezers, and macers; I've found that it's almost always better to entrust multiple roles to ONE good caller who can make a simple 2-way gear switch. Having multiple people yelling in voice never turns out well, and adding more moving parts to a combined mechanism is always a step in the wrong direction. It also requires a higher number of players on other tasks than macing - this is why my trips work with 6-8 people, and DC requires 30 people. It never hurts to bring entangles on a Mace role, but bringing barrage to freeze ruins the whole plan; if they do not have enough HP remaining to get smited, the whole effort is lost.
  25. Pecs

    Ancient Mace Team Guide

    I used to lead a lot of ancient macing on a huge RSPS long ago, and I want to get us going on Mace teams. In voice it seems like a lot of people are discouraged, whether it be that the quests seem annoying (90-120 minutes for all 3 quests isn't bad) or that you think it's impossible. It isn't impossible, and one AGS loot is worth hours of rev PvMer pking. It's almost better to hunt +1s. I am not posting this for any sort of notoriety, I'm not one of those nerds - it just pains me that one or two big clans are the only ones doing this and we are not. WE SHOULD BE boys, let's get it. The breakdown: You have three roles, Catcher, Scout, and Mace. Scouts should already know what to do, and I will not explain it in this post. Below are the descriptions of the Catcher, and Mace roles that I used to use in my RSPS clan. The Scout finds a target and directs the catcher there, the Catcher logs in then controls the target and takes over calling, the Mace stays cool, calm, collected, stays silent in voice and then bangs out the +1s. A much more detailed role description and recommended gearset is in the pics below. If everyone was to stay calm and listen to callers without acting on their own accord... it works 100% of the time. My old RSPS mace team was flawless because after some practice they learned to trust fellow designated callers and not to derp out and smack targets with rcb or freeze targets with barrage when entangles are available. The #1 issue we always had was the one guy that ego tripped and decided that he knew best and wanted to rcb the target without the KILL call made. If you guys want to start a small loyal mace group, it genuinely only takes 5-8 players to mace a pure. The mathematical breakdown of a standard maxed pure (99hp, 52pray) : *Damage required with RCB to smite full prayer target: 396hp (obviously impossible while speared) *Damage required with mace to smite full prayer target: 41.6hp *Ancient Mace max hit in gear shown below: 15hp That's right boys, we need 3-4 average ancient mace specs to smite someone. It does not take a 20-man team, it takes enough precision to avoid them sipping a prayer pot between spear specs (0.6 seconds) If the target is not killed instantly, the KILL call can be made on the second spear, and rcbs/scims/godswords/anchors are used to smite/kill the target, further increasing the chance that they're smited if the ancient mace specs whiff.
  26. Depixelate

    99 range fam

    gz go get some blood now
  27. Main - You Man110

    Alt - You Woman110

    Pure - Depixelate

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