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  3. Massed up to 30-33 Dragons, we did peak at 36. Ran into a few mains when setting up a fight against DC, smited one of them for an AGS. Started with a clean 1v1 against DC! Returned hard and it was a solid good fucking fight! Hit some clusters, had tons of fun! Setup a 1v1 against BP, we were down 10+ opts, but wanted the action anyways, good fight guys you ran through us aha. Ran into DC vs OG later on at GDZ, hit that a few times, overall great Sunday. GF to all! (Credits to Haro writing the Post)
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  5. Share i tbed
  6. Im down i just got ma 1500 total so lets fill this bank
  7. Are you serious holy jeez lmao
  8. I went into rev cave during a pk trip with max str gear to achieve my 99str and my pet with me too.
  9. I decided to get 99 range in rev cave with max range gear, I ended up speccing someone out for full hp. (also had pet chaos ele as well)
  10. Sunday started out pretty slow for most clans (The time jump really messed with a lot of clans pulls). We still proudly pulled 34 beast Dragons this Sunday! Had a fucking blast too! First up we tried to get a clean 1v1 then got crashed by UB mid hop, we quickly returned to hit the cluster. We had a few clean 1V1's setup, but in the end got crashed by Rage. Solid fight against BP, although we didn't win it, it was still a good ass fight! Setup a fight against UB, although down 10 opts we still put up a fight! Ran into OG at a few clusters, they teled pretty quickly anytime they saw purple hats, I would too if I only pulled 21 Ended it with a Fally cluster, good fight to everyone we ran into!
  11. Clan System Old RS3 Clan System: Safe to Assume they'll add a similar feature to join your own clan and also be visiting other clan channels. Old RS3 system already contains these features OSRS Team wishes to add: - New clan ranks and permissions - More chat channels - Up to 500 clan members Image: Old RS3 Clan system Interface Features: Voting suggestion: Only clan members should be eligible to vote for clan content. Question #1: Do you see any issues with the previous clan system and the features listed above? List some solutions that you would like to improve or ideas. Clan-wide K/D counters This is the most important section of all, clan k/d counters must be implemented correctly in order to benefit the current clan community. Clan A vs. Clan B K/D Counters - No crashers affect the clan vs. clan k/d. Meaning only kills from the opposing clan count, as well as the deaths in the ClanVs.Clan comparison. Not to hard to implement since both clans are in a separate channel. Image: Clan Vs. Clan Comparison Interface (Example) What the result would look like: This will ultimately benefit the Clan World as the members don't have time to outlast the other opponent by sitting and ragging 24/7. Ragging and 1-iteming will reduce your clan's stature. Better Solution. Question #2: How do you feel about the Clan Vs. Clan K/D counter to settle your fights? Do you agree with this solution? What other solutions can you offer to fix it? Overall Clan-wide K/D counters So the sum of all your clan kills will add up and the best clan will be at the top with the most kills. This will promote more clan vs. clan activity. Some foreseeable issues with this: - Clans making alt clans and killing them on mains to improve their k/d Solution: Report Interface: Clans farming kills may be reported and settled by a moderator. Moderator may erase a 'fake' clan made for farming kills and revoke all the kills awarded upon its deletion. Players abusing may be eligible for ban. - Clans paying other clans to improve k/d Solution: Reportable Offence: The issue investigated by a moderator, and dealt with. Moderator may choose to warn the abusing clans and upon further use may be susceptible to ban. - Clan members leaving clan before death in wild Solution: Add a timer: After leaving a clan chat permanently, a user cannot enter back for 1 hour and as such their kills after leaving wont register. Question #3: How do you feel about the Clan wide K/D Counters? Do you see some clans abusing this? List some of your own solutions and ideas. CWA Clan highscores As you all know in RS3, Rated Clan Wars (RCW) was implemented, however it died shortly after, many clans contained to use the regular clan wars instead of the rated ones. Image: F2P & P2P Clan Wars Ranking - Learning from past mistakes, they should use the current CWA system used mostly for the new CWA ranking system. - Adding features such as '20v20' or 'Similar Opts' Run-in's or knockout so opponents don't cheat and sneak more people in. - Adding 55 def cap gear restriction and also add the option to prohibit certain items and food for better competition. - Add a 1 def requirement for pures otherwise opponents will cheat and bring Zerks or Mains. - Add 'resting' option in F2P similar to RS3 - Add walls to CWA maps so hugging may be possible for better competition (F2P). "Refer to Turrets map on RS3" - Adding a death counter to leaving cc in a CWA Run-in. Similar to RS3. - Adding dangerous CWA option as well, also cash pot pool for competing clans. - Jagex cups streamed, with potential prize rewards. Question #4: How do you feel about the Clan wars ranking addition? What other features should they add other than the ones I listed. Please take the time to review this, as this may be the only chance you have, Jagex will recruit clan leaders and they are likely to read and consider your opinions. The questions are summarized below.
  12. Yeah. It was made by a dude who tried to fuck us over. Remember, he was being a total ass and super conceited. He wouldn't take off the text we didn't want so but fucked himself over by posting the banner again with different text. I crossed the clips and now we have our banner
  13. Hey! Oh shit Idk @Electrik @Haros Puree Do you guys have any idea?
  14. Honestly I'd be down! There was a 1250 pk trip the other day I heard they pked well
  15. i think a skill bracket could be a good addition to discord, especially if a total level-world squad is formed
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