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  1. px tyler


    A lot of the k0's these days rely on g mauls you're gonna see a lot of nhers who double maul spec into a elder maul finish or an ags/maul spec combo! Also there are some entangle/tb fire surge bridders that have started too! be weary of fire surge/gmaul specs!
  2. @GAY FAN CLUB Yoo pm me on disc brother when you get the chance
  3. HYDRA SUNDAY l DOMINATION - 31st MAY 2020 We started off the Sunday massing up to 38 men before heading out to the Wild OUR GDZ FIGHT was a 1v1 between HYDRA and RESISTANCE with an agreed team on crash in the area. It was crashed mid-fight and we took a smart regroup to take back to control NEWGATE and clear it fully to take the win for both clans. We attempted to fight somewhere else after. However the fight ended becoming a cluster of 3-4/5 clans & we ended up dominating most of the fights before it gets full cleared by bigger teams. Thanks to all clans for the action! (We ended up maintaning an average of 35 pull throughout the entire war) VIDEO BELOW:
  4. px tyler

    Did you know

    Fucking hell this is a nice post. Everyone learn this. This may save your life one day. Fucking <3
  5. MONDAY PK TRIP - CAVE CLEARANCE We set out with a small unit of 13 HYDRA ELITES to start off & slowly growing throughout the trip. We ended up running into OG & Resistance giving full clears off the map. Good fight to all clans.
  6. px tyler

    Not Surprised...

    @JaySlay TRUE
  7. @Pure 3ffort Liquid dnb is life
  8. Yes ^ 100% boys!!
  9. px tyler

    13 Def

    welcome to the 13 def club
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