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  1. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | HYDRA SETS FIRE TO THE WILDERNESS Date: February 28th 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights against Apex, Terror on this Sunday. Action was lit, with most of our fights getting crashed we found our selves battling non-stop in crazy clusters throughout the entire event gg wp. Ty4action to all clans, we had ton of fun ladies and gents! Video Pov:
  2. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR POV Date: February 21st 2021 We were able to organize fights vs Venom, Special Forces & Terror this weekend out. The Sunday was lit with non-stop action. All fights got crashed as f*** setting the wilderness a blaze on the Sunday . We also got caught in a super cluster in GDZ at one point during a team-on-crash. Thank you for the action guys!! Video Pov:
  3. Hydra vs Bp ~ P2P Minis | 1-0 Sets Video
  4. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Date: February 7th 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights with Terror and Venom in the wilderness this Superbowl Sunday! A lot of the battles organized got crashed which resulted into more clans joining in on the action non-stop throughout the warring event. GF to the clans that came out ty 4 action! Video Pov:
  5. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | WAR POV Date: January 31st 2021 We were able to set up & organize pkri fights against Terror and Sf this Sunday with the attempts of team on crash if crashed into a cluster. A lot of our fights ended up being a crazy cluster war and it was intense throughout the event. GF all for the battles & the action to all clans that came out! Video Pov:
  6. For Multi pking I 100% vouch the leafbladed axe as a melee camp wep. For 1v1 deep wild hybrid outlast fights its good too! If you're going for the discrete k0 like ferox nhing 1v1 you probably won't need it tbh
  7. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY WAR | ft. EPIC CLUSTER WARS Date: January 24th 2021 Wilderness was action packed this Sunday and we were able to set up 1v1 fights vs CLAN APEX, CLAN VENOM & CLAN TERROR throughout the Sunday. Most of the wilderness fights got crashed quickly which led to multiple clans joining in the super clusters. Respect to Clan Apex & Clan Venom for organizing & battling us down ops. GF GF!
  8. HYDRA P2P SUNDAY | ft. Action Packed Clusters Date: January 17th 2021 We started the Sunday, setting out with 35 opts. We attempted to set up clean 1v1 fights with Venom however getting crashed by other clans & mains we ended up having an action packed cluster war for most of the P2P Sunday around the wilderness, GF All! Video POV:
  9. Hydra vs Swarm ~ P2P Minis | 2-1 Sets Video:
  10. MONEY MAKING GUIDE ON PURES The following list below will list out possible options: 1. Zulrah Boss (1.5m per hour assuming 15 Zulrah Kills/per hour) 2. LMS (Last Man Standing) Use Points --> Buying Blighted Ice Sacks/Blighted Super restores --> Then sell at G.E 3. Green Dragons 4. CHAOS DRUIDS (EDGEVILLE DUNGEON) (MORE TO BE ADDED IN)
  11. HYDRA vs BLOOD UNIT - PKRI Friday Night 11th December 2020 We set out to have a planned fight Hydra vs Blood Unit at CA. Big respect to them fighting us with less opts. It was a clean fight without being crashed, much appreciation to the clans not crashing the fight when it was scouted out on radar.
  12. HYDRA DECEMBER 6th P2P SUNDAY 2020 Our P2P war trip began with 43 opts and ending with 37/38. We had awesome fights & clusters and appreciate all the clans that participated. Fights took place in GDZ/CA/Falador and Bandit Camp. GG WP all, thanks for the heavy action!! Video 1 Video 2:
  13. HYDRA SUNDAY WAR TRIP 29th November Sunday Fights & Clusters at Bandit Camp/Falador/Chaos Temple Thanks for the crazy action #@everyone
  14. HYDRA vs Venom - P2P miniwar [3-0] sets - Great Action on Wednesday Night! Hard fought between both clans. PM us if you want to join the clan minis-team! #Hydra #HYHY #JoinHydra
  15. NOVEMBER 15th 2020 - SUNDAY WAR Epic action was brought out, thank you to all clans that brought action to the wilderness. Make sure to be on for the next war!! Makew
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