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  1. That is smart choice! Cuz basicly u want to be 90+str with 75att:p
  2. Gzz! Also going 1500 on my 1 deffer, currently at 1337 total
  3. It is good especially if u gona stay 65 attack for while! If u would be 75 attack u dont need to bring melee wep like scim, cuz if u using toxic staff/ staff of death or staff of light its better. Also at 75 att u would use godsword's or eldermaul. But for sure recommend the leaf bladed are over d scim!
  4. ahhahaha l00l 5/5 topic xD. Yeah i have reached the conclusion also that brozzer tyler aint no human! @px tyler
  5. HELLL YEEEE!!! What a comeback we did
  6. Chanced Once

    GFX Editor ?

    We do actually! if u pm me on discord i can give u his discord! Mine is Jusanennn#1275
  7. oooo yee not definitely the one we had this year
  8. I had seren first but got bored to it. Then switch to ancient if was mehh too. Now i am in gabbage gang and love it, on 1 deffer i got the bandos one and i enjoy it too
  9. I dont somehow see lowering the mage lvl reqs for these spells as a good idea. Wildy is semi toxic place with a lot of abusers and i think it would just make it harder for new guys getting rekt even on lower lvls. Especially now multi rev-caves are gone first of all we need a new multi hotspot. Also during the covid-19 situation jagex added shit ton of worlds to the game and imo now that playerbase have dropped there are just too many worlds. Wildy will be more active even when they just cut the extra worlds down.
  10. For sure boyyyys, im always down to brid too!
  11. Chanced Once

    Def Pures

    1. Nature Spirit : 1-13 defence 2. Freminik Trials 13-20 3. In search of myreque, in aid of myreque, a souls bane 20-25 3
  12. Chanced Once

    Def Pures

    Eyy man! I have to say that i love 25 def on my pure. Im 70 pray 75 att on it at 95cb (hp not maxed yet). It is funny to bully 1 deffers and ur still able to pk even tho sometimes fighting mains is annoying. u can go first 13 def with naturespirit quest and stay there if u like it or even get 20 or 25 later. Just remember to quest it
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