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  1. For sure boyyyys, im always down to brid too!
  2. Chanced Once

    Def Pures

    1. Nature Spirit : 1-13 defence 2. Freminik Trials 13-20 3. In search of myreque, in aid of myreque, a souls bane 20-25 3
  3. Chanced Once

    Def Pures

    Eyy man! I have to say that i love 25 def on my pure. Im 70 pray 75 att on it at 95cb (hp not maxed yet). It is funny to bully 1 deffers and ur still able to pk even tho sometimes fighting mains is annoying. u can go first 13 def with naturespirit quest and stay there if u like it or even get 20 or 25 later. Just remember to quest it
  4. Iv heard good things about exilent and openrs, but still somehow cant trust that shit so runelite 100% all the way!
  5. Yeah guys, u prolly have seen that lately i have not been online as much as i use to. That is becuse im working (during summertime) and im off home for 1 week straight at work. Good side is that after one week of work i get a one week off! Ofc when im off work i have to spend as much time as possible with family and friends too, but also trying to play a lot! During fall i can play more when new semester starts at uni so that is good
  6. Chanced Once


    Did u manage to get to tank test and u passed it?
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