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  1. Yesterday
  2. Telley Out

    99 range fam

    NIce dude!
  3. Telley Out

    Exilent or Runelite

    Runelite+ has so many useful features.
  4. Last week



    99 range fam

    Gratz dude

    Exilent or Runelite

    I personally use RuneLite but Exilent I heard is really good at showing you the multi lines and what not

    Bulwark Nerf & How it Effects Us

    Tbh I just heard it was nerfed but didn't realize that it was just magic. Thanks for the help
  9. Hidden Name

    Hydra web page banner

    @px tylerWhat program was used to make the homepage banner? Looks so tough!!!!
  10. Hidden Name

    99 Hitpoints - z Barrage

    Would love to have 99 hp soon! Congrats man!
  11. Hidden Name


    Definitely maxing my pure with 75 attack 85 agility and would love to get 99 fishing. have always wanted to have it. nostalgia vibes haha
  12. Hidden Name


    I've always wanted a quest cape on my main.... hahaha good on ya! ~congrats~
  13. Hidden Name

    Little Bank Progress

    Heck yeah! Keep up the good work mate
  14. Hidden Name

    Bulwark Nerf & How it Effects Us

    On September 5th Jagex decided to release a few updates that included the reworking of a few PVP items. We may all be familiar with the Gmaul update, as now you need the clamp, 1,250,000 BH points, to have the 50% special attack option. But, for us, mainly on our Rev trips, the Bulwark shield has been reworked as well. In the past its been a burden to see a main in full black d'hide bust out the bulwark, slowly unmotivating us to chase our prey. With this most recent rework, Jagex has decided to lower the Magic defense from 18 to 0. Which will be incredibly helpful in these PVP situations. So as always, pull out your mage when possible and go to work hopefully this helps us out in the long run. P.S. Don't forget single spells Cheers, Alex
  15. Hidden Name

    Favorite 70 Attack+ Strength Training

    @px tyler This is perfect was thinking of something along those lines! Thanks homie! Cheers
  16. px tyler

    Favorite 70 Attack+ Strength Training

    99 str I did nmz with a bludgeon, fury, holy sandals, ppots. I forgot the xp perhour but it was way better than most methods I've used
  17. Hidden Name

    Favorite 70 Attack+ Strength Training

    So I hope to go for 99 strength shortly after 75 attack. What is your favorite setup as well as method? XP/Hour? Cheers!
  18. Hidden Name

    Exilent or Runelite

    I've been so used to runelite but have heard lots of good things from exilent, especially pk wise. Just like the overall versatility runelite offers though.
  19. Hidden Name

    G Maul Nerf

    I have to agree with Tyler, it limits the raggers! It has been such an OP weapon for so long. The die hard users will pay the cost for the ornate handle or get creative I've never really been a fan myself though.
  20. Earlier
  21. Z initiate Z

    hi everyone!

    i just wanted to tell everyone hello and wish everyone a good week! <3
  22. Team n9ne

    HYDRA wins PKRI vs UD 1-0

  23. px tyler

    Back to the grind

  24. px tyler

    G Maul Nerf

    I think I won't get ragged out anymore by gmaul rushers at revs I think bh pkers will be ok. I've seen 1v1'ers do well without the g maul
  25. px tyler

    HYDRA wins PKRI vs UD 1-0

    HYDRA WINS PKRI VS UD 15v15 We massed up 15 shooters vs UD with us taking the win by 10 kills ahead. +1 fight in clanwars GF to them both sides fought really well Aug 29, 2019
  26. Zered

    Little Bank Progress

    damn fat stacks. nice
  27. Zered

    G Maul Nerf

    I'm glad it got nerfed, it forces people to +1 it or risk more and most pures have virtually no risk. I don't think it'll make much difference to higher level pures that have prayer, i think the bracket that will see the biggest changes are the ~50-60s with 1/13 prayer, they'll have to either go 60 attack or 31 prayer unless they want to risk 400k+ every fight.
  28. Zered


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