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Haros Puree

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  1. Haros Puree


    Damn bro, quest my main for me XD.
  2. Haros Puree

    My band! :D

    Thats fucking sweet!
  3. Haros Puree

    Let's see how high we can count?

    17 WOOP
  4. Haros Puree

    best thing about the person who posted above you

    Good friend
  5. Haros Puree

    New Forums

    It's looking good man Just a few thing's we need to iron out!
  6. Haros Puree

    Sunday Shenanigans [Ep.2]

    Can do good buddy
  7. Haros Puree

    Loots so far

    115m from Dz moose was on a tourny world, and so was the death for 536m lol. So that's 92m in loot & 32m in deaths. =]
  8. Haros Puree

    Maximus Main

    Stop botting Damn that progress lol! Go do some quests!
  9. Haros Puree


    Yes it is.
  10. Haros Puree

    Let's see how high we can count?

    13 trouts
  11. Haros Puree

    Sunday Shenanigans [Ep.2]

    MKD's POV: Good fights, got crashed by DC, but they weren't too difficult to ignore.
  12. Haros Puree

    Let's see how high we can count?

    11 OMG
  13. Haros Puree

    The road to 1750 Total level

    2 def, gotta restart man. Good goal though homie!