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  1. Sunday started out pretty slow for most clans (The time jump really messed with a lot of clans pulls). We still proudly pulled 34 beast Dragons this Sunday! Had a fucking blast too! First up we tried to get a clean 1v1 then got crashed by UB mid hop, we quickly returned to hit the cluster. We had a few clean 1V1's setup, but in the end got crashed by Rage. Solid fight against BP, although we didn't win it, it was still a good ass fight! Setup a fight against UB, although down 10 opts we still put up a fight! Ran into OG at a few clusters, they teled pretty quickly anytime they saw purple hats, I would too if I only pulled 21 Ended it with a Fally cluster, good fight to everyone we ran into!
  2. Damn bro, quest my main for me XD.
  3. Thats fucking sweet!
  4. Haro

    New Forums

    It's looking good man Just a few thing's we need to iron out!
  5. Haro

    Loots so far

    115m from Dz moose was on a tourny world, and so was the death for 536m lol. So that's 92m in loot & 32m in deaths. =]
  6. Stop botting Damn that progress lol! Go do some quests!

  8. MKD's POV: Good fights, got crashed by DC, but they weren't too difficult to ignore.
  9. 2 def, gotta restart man. Good goal though homie!
  10. After my rhymes You’ll pout, We keep it non-toxic you know what we about, You’re all gonna get spanked at the 1v1 tourney, Moose, Tyler, Nawtzi going to end up in a gurney, Quick call 911 Haro just dropped em, Pop em, sock em, You can’t step up to this Canadian.
  11. 3... I can’t wait til we get to 69
  12. Haro


    Three dogs, Jake, Sasha and Max.
  13. \ My loot, all day long
  14. Hopefully get 1750 total, I like where my combat stats are currently though. And get my main maxed to stake my bank away
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