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  1. So hear me out... talked to him last night, to set up discord and all that. The poor guy was trying desperately to go to bed, and kept answering my stupid questions, and even coming up with things I never thought to ask. He was very nice, when most would have hung up. Only 2 things can be concluded from this information; 1- Tyler is an alien (most likely theory) 2- Tyler is a serial killer trying to lure us all to our death. I propose a simple solution, we kill him. Barring a death ray (you know, alien) or a vast killing skill above our comprehension (seriously good serial killer) , in numbers we can do it. Tyler must be stopped
  2. Trying to avoid it on this account, but all my other build I get a bit nervous and just mouse record for an hour or so then play it on loop. 3 99 magics later no bans lol.
  3. HardlyPotter

    Def Pures

    I love my new 13 def. 20 def is the same thing with better fasionscape. Salad robes ftl
  4. HardlyPotter

    GFX Editor ?

    Glad I found this, was wondering the same thing. Is the guy still around chanced?
  5. HardlyPotter


    Anyone else play? Going to get a server going soon if anyone is interested..
  6. Finally stopped putting it off. Suck it peasants
  7. Definitely not a big one, but knocked out my first skotizo kill ever. Was definitely more nervous going into that one than I should have been, but pumped none the less. 3kc pet coming soon. Calling it now
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