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  1. i think a skill bracket could be a good addition to discord, especially if a total level-world squad is formed
  2. Zered

    Exilent or Runelite

    have been using runelite and have no complaints, used OSbuddy (i think) when i played a little bit when osrs came out
  3. Zered

    what would u do

    would sell it and put it in my condo down payment fund, I'd keep a Tbow for inferno attempts
  4. Zered

    Little Bank Progress

    damn fat stacks. nice
  5. Zered

    G Maul Nerf

    I'm glad it got nerfed, it forces people to +1 it or risk more and most pures have virtually no risk. I don't think it'll make much difference to higher level pures that have prayer, i think the bracket that will see the biggest changes are the ~50-60s with 1/13 prayer, they'll have to either go 60 attack or 31 prayer unless they want to risk 400k+ every fight.
  6. Zered


  7. Zered


    Elder smite off of a near max pure a lil while back
  8. Zered

    PURE QUEST GUIDE (public)

    Great guide, here are a few similar references i use when building pures
  9. Zered

    KBD PET KC 176

    nice, grats
  10. Zered

    Whats wrong with Runescape?

    Agree 100%, glad they forced through the entangle buff and gmaul nerf though
  11. Zered

    Zered 2019 Goals

    meh it's only a few mill and its a tad faster than winter, also i've never done winter - but i'll definitely look into it before taking the plunge into burning all those logs
  12. Zered

    Zered 2019 Goals

    Zered Pure Goals 1/1/19 Status Current Stats/Goals as of 1/1/19: 76/85 Strength 90/95 Ranged 94/95 Magic - 95 magic achieved mid January 2019 45/52 Prayer - 52 prayer 2/8/19 1/50 Runecrafting 66/90 Construction (banked) 67/75 Agility - 75 agility 2/1/2019, new goal of 90 53/60 Thieving 50/70 Slayer 1/50 Hunter 40/60 Mining 50/80 Smithing (banked) 91/99 Fishing - 99 fishing achieved 2/2/2019 60/80 Firemaking (banked) 40/80 Woodcutting 40/60 Farming 1327/1750 Total Level Officially join Hydra - this will happen once real life settles down after i finish my last cpa exam Zerker Goals: 1/1/19 Status Current Stats/Goals as of 1/1/19: 60/75 Attack (Maybe, still contemplating this) 80/85 Strength 42/45 Defence 91/99 Ranged 94/99 Magic 52/55 Prayer 50/70 smithing 60/68 mining - achieved mid January 2019 56/60 agility 55/60 thieiving 31/50 construction 42/69 slayer MM2 Dslayer 2 Barrows Gloves - achieved mid january 2019 80/200 Quest Points