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  1. ok guys ive been doing this trick for a while but if you play osrs mobile you'll see that you can buy membership/bonds with google play. Hence there is an Phone app called google opinion rewards that gives you money for answering easy question ; sometimes about youtube, sometimes about places you've visited which are tracked through phone GPS. Basically I get about 12 bucks a month which feeds my OSRS monthly addiction. In addition when you basically subscribe to a month (AKA buy a month) Jagex will only try to tap into your google play balance which at that point will be not be 11 dollars aka not enough for a month. With that being said because you don't have a balance Jagex will keep your membership for 6-7 days after your month until it is cancelled. After you get your google play money again, rinse and repeat.
  2. got my zulrah pet back in the day
  3. unfortunately still f2p, comin back hard soon

  4. we need the completed list. I dont think anyone has a complete list on any site. It would be good to be the first
  5. d0xn

    Loots so far

    what kind of broke dick tracker is that??? gg to him tho
  6. d0xn

    Slave Labour

    wheres the firecape services!
  7. d0xn


    i used to lure back in the day, even with the ditch. anyone have some funny luring stories?
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