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  1. 1.15m str xp in 3 days. Grinding hard :D 

  2. Depixelate

    HYDRA vs OS 4-0 mini

    Dang you guys killed it. Not a chance for that other clan.
  3. Depixelate

    HYDRA vs OS 2-0/1-0 mini

    Sick Fights, can't wait to start waring
  4. Depixelate

    Whats wrong with Runescape?

    Way too many people against PVP updates. PVP community is getting cucked by so many people who don't even like PVP and just want to be safer in the wilderness.
  5. Depixelate

    Account Builds

    Sweet Guide, gives a nice idea of what people can do with their accounts. Too many people think you need max stats for a pure to own.
  6. Depixelate

    Exilent or Runelite

    Don't Swap, Runelite is at the top of its game rn.
  7. Depixelate

    Revenant Setup(s)

    Nice Guide! anyone new i'm sure can make use of this and make bank
  8. Depixelate

    99 range fam

    gz go get some blood now
  9. Main - You Man110

    Alt - You Woman110

    Pure - Depixelate