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  1. We need a 1500 skill total channel/discussion not just the talk channel, one where we all (Anyone in channel) has ping privileges to @here and let people know when 1500 or 1750 skillers are massing. Is that something that could be set up? Being individual privileges on a disc chat that is.
  2. Hello, just thought I'd throw it out there I work 3rds and my pure is over 1750 total, work thirds and/or have skill total you want to pk? Hit me up. I usually PK early around 8am-11am with some friends. Add me in game or better yet on discord IamAnonOmus#5440 as I usually have private set to off. Heck we get enough we can run moi_world out of the 1500s and kill all their paid protection skulled pvmers. Make it/them our world(s).
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